Preach Islam in general Muslim community and - Promotion and dissemination of the Islamic religion values .More...


To be the center of radiation for Islamic beliefs which suit all nations and to respond to other centers and  those More...


Instill the Islamic faith in the Muslim generations.
- Publication of the More...

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About us

The idea of the Islamic Dawa Center of Studies Department Islamic emerged from the University Council, who agreed to establish a scientific center in the university in September 2006. The real engine to spread Islam and strengthen its value lies in the hearts of people who believe in it as a way to strengthen life. The universities have a great role in promoting Dawaa beliefs intellectually and they can contribute to the reform of society on routine basis.

Tasks and functions of the center:
-Preach Islam in all Muslim communities.
-Promotion and dissemination of the Islamic religion values among youth

-Build generations which are cognitive with their religion and which are able to disseminate Islamic religion everywhere
-Strengthen the Islamic faith in Muslim generations
-Publication of the Quran and its beliefs in the lives of Muslims
-Conduct awareness against harmful habits and malpractices.
-Publishing legitimate concepts and scientific revelations of the Holy Qur'an
-Fight the destructive ideas, secularism and westernization

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